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Star Wars: Nightfall

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Star Wars: Nightfall

Star Wars

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Operating Year:
19 BBY

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Assistant GM(s):
Enchelei Dardana, Hud Iram

The Clone War is over. The Republic has fallen, The Separatists have fallen, the Jedi Temple burns… a New Order rises and spreads across the Galaxy. As tyranny replaces democracy, beings from all walks of life, Citizen, Outlaw, Clone and Jedi come together; not for democracy, not for freedom, but to simply survive. In these perilous times, do you have what it takes to resist the Empire?

We are a play by Nova star wars simulation set in the year 19 BBY, the fall of the Galactic Republic. We are accepting applications for all kinds of species and backgrounds. The GMs are happy to chat and help out with character creation as the Star Wars canon can be hard to navigate at times. If you want to apply as a force user because of IC reasons and wanting to make sure people feel things are fair, please reach out to the GM team before applying. We will have only a few spaces available for force users.

Current Mission: Ep1: All Roads Lead to Nowhere

A Galaxy Divided! 

The Clone Wars rages onward, across the Galaxy the Clone Army of the Republic and Droid Armies of the Confederacy, meet in bloody combat. Peacekeepers no more, the exploits of Jedi Generals make headlines in every civilized world, tales of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker thrill audiences from every walk of life. Behind the scenes, some Jedi still try to hold to the old ways, keeping watch over those who want to escape the fighting. But, even they may find it hard to escape the grip of ever-growing conflict…

Open Positions:

Fighters, Doctors, Merchants, and Smugglers; the universe is full of people! From every walk of life people will band together to fight the empire, where do you see your story beginning? Come talk to us!

Character Roster:

Jedi Knight, Watchman of the Sujimis Sector

Enchelei Dardana
Jedi Sentinel, Watchman of the Sevastol sector

Hud Iram,
Baran Do Sage of Dorian

Sterling Sard

Mandalorian of Clan Awaud