Star Wars: Resurgence

General Information:

Genre: Star Wars
Operating Year: 19 BBY
Rating: 222
Recruiting? Yes
Gameplay Format NOVA

GM & Player Information

GM's Character: General Taron Loq-Varr
Assistant GM(s): Jedi Commander Jera Venrassi

Top Open Positions:
Command Staff: Executive Officer, Clone Captain
Bridge Staff: All
Security & Espionage: Chief Security Officer, All other Security/espionage positions
Medical: Chief Medical Officer, All other Medical positions
Engineering: Chief Engineering Officer, All other Engineering positions
Science:  Chief Science Officer, All other Science positions
Clone Company - 738th: Platoon Leader, Squad Leader, Specialist roles
Cult of Seven: Cultist*

*Whilst Co7 applications will be considered, current players have priority choice. We'd advise that anyone eyeing a cultist role apply to have the main character on Resurgence first.

About The Sim

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A galaxy at war!

Three years into the Clone Wars the armies of the Republic and Separatist alliances continue to expand the theatre as both sides dedicate all assets towards securing victory. Led by the Jedi Order the Grand Army of the Republic consists of an immense space navy and an impossibly sized ground force. To bolster their numbers and combat the Droid Army, the usage of Clones had been authorised by the Senate and the army was bolstered by their numbers.

After years of intense conflict, the Grand Army of the Republic and Jedi Order can almost taste victory as they begin their final push against Separatist strongholds. General Taron Loq-Varr, Commander of task group Resurgence, has been ordered to Utapau to assist Grand General Kenobi’s forces in combating the Separatist fleet surrounding the planet. During this battle secrets well kept will come to the surface and leave the crew fighting for their lives.

Star Wars: Resurgence is an 18+ written roleplay community set with an AU timeline of the Clone Wars (19 BBY). Players can be Jedi, Clone, or assigned to the Republic Navy as any species within the republic. We are proud members of <a href=””>22nd Fleet</a> as a part of the <a href=””>misc division</a>.

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Current Mission: Episode I - The Lost Ones

By 19 BBY the Grand Army of the Republic had begun to push back on Separatist strongholds. Battles on
Cato Neimoidia, Christophsis, Kashyyyk and Utapau were all being overseen by Jedi Council members as the order led the final charge towards victory for the Republic. The Dawning II, under the command of Jedi General Taron Loq-Varr, has been assigned to assist the Open Circle Fleet in the battle over Utapau as their commander High General Kenobi led the ground forces against Grievous and the other leaders of the Separatist Council.

During the Republic’s final pushback a well-hidden betrayal will become clear forcing Loq-Varr and the crew loyal to him to make difficult decisions in order to survive.

Crew Manifest:

Jedi Remnant:

General Taron Loq-Varr, Jedi Knight, Leader.

Commander Jera Venrassi, Force Sensitive

Commander Chame, Jedi Knight

Commander Veluhr, Jedi Knight

Republic Navy Remnant:

Captain Valara Saar, Captain of Resurgence

Agent Shana Oban HRM, Intelligence Specialist

The Cult of Seven:

Darth Ravenous, leader