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Star Wars: Rogue Moon

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Star Wars: Rogue Moon

Rebellion-era, just after New Hope

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Captain Joh Spivak

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The galaxy is in turmoil, still living the effects of the galactic civil war. Darkness looms everywhere and yet there are sparks yet in the Outer Rim. Unbeknownst to a group living on a place known as Rogue Moon, their rather simple station in life will soon shine brighter than the distant stars around them.

In Star Wars Rogue Moon, you will take on the role of a smuggler, slicer, soldier, or other Star Wars character. Set just after the events of “A New Hope”, this rag-tag group will find themselves clamoring for peace as they inadvertently get involved with the Rebellion and the overwhelming Imperial threat.

Are you ready to fight for peace on Rogue Moon and then the galaxy? Join the adventure today!

Current Mission: Welcome Aboard... Now Hurry!

Get on board and let’s get underway. Hurry… for no reason at all. *shifty eyes*

Open Positions:

We are looking for all positions at this point. Stay tuned!

Character Roster:

The current crew are as follows:

  • Captain Joh Spivak, “Owner” (Smuggler)