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Star Wars: Rogue Wings

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Star Wars: Rogue Wings

Star Wars

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1 year before ANH.

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Welcome to Rogue Wings, a brand new Star Wars sim as part of the 22nd fleet! We’re set just before the classic trilogy era (pre A New Hope) and are going to be a heavily squadron mission based sim! No players will be instakilled without their permission, but there will be consequences to getting hit by enemy fighters. There will be short times between missions to build relationships with other players and wingmen, then back into the fray.

It is a period of turmoil for the galaxy. The Galactic Empire is removing the last vestiges of the Old Republic. Desperate worlds have secretly banded together to form a Rebel Alliance. Not strong enough to confront the Empire directly, small bands of Rebel cells are doing what they can to resist the tyranny of the Emperor. Emboldened by the formation of the Alliance, a ragtag group of pilots have formed a squadron to assist Rebel cells throughout the Galaxy. Outnumbered, and out gunned, these desperate fighters strive to keep the last embers of hope alive.

Intelligence operative, Lieutenant Kor’de’leia, a gifted but unpredictable pilot, is tasked with building a squadron from anyone willing to fly against the Empire. Instead of seeking the best and brightest, Kor is looking for cunning and guile. While discipline may not be the tightest in the squadron, they get undeniable results. They are considered criminals and expendable by the Alliance. We call them Rogues.

The sim is just starting up now, so we have plenty of positions (and call signs) open! If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a Rogue, then join up below or shoot me a message through Discord. Certain things (force sensitivity, which ship you fly, etc) will be based on approval, but I’m willing to work with you

Current Mission: Scondrels, Cutthroats and Rogues

Out in the disputed Outer Rim, the Rebellion is looking for pilots to fight the expanding power of the Empire. Kor and Jafan are checking out potential pilots and by that trying to find the ones that wont die too soon. Not exactly the pick of the litter this far out in space, but a willing pilot is a good pilot as far as the fledgling Rebellion is concerned.

A chance occurrence brings another Rogue back into the fold. But whose side is he flying for?

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All flights have room. Pick you equipment, droids and weapons and move out!

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