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24 ABY

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Welcome to Rogue Wings, a brand new Star Wars sim as part of the 22nd fleet! We’re set just before the sequel trilogy era (pre Force Awakens) and are going to be a heavily squadron mission based sim! Combat will be decided with simple dice rolls by the GM, adding a level of chance and uncertainty to combat. No players will be instakilled without their permission, but there will be consequences to getting hit by enemy fighters. There will be short times between missions to build relationships with other players and wingmen, then back into the fray.

It is a period of turmoil for the galaxy. Attempting to avoid hostilities with the growing FIRST ORDER, the NEW REPUBLIC instead relies on the actions of the small but determined RESISTANCE.

Captain Kor’de’leia, one of the few survivors of Rogue Squadron, is tasked with rebuilding the once legendary squadron from the ground up. Instead of seeking the best and brightest, Kor is looking for cunning and guile. While discipline may not be the tightest in the squadron, they get undeniable results. The Resistance hates to call on them, but sometimes they have to. They are considered criminals and expendable by the New Republic. We call them Rogues.

Current Mission: Scondrels, Cutthroats and Rogues

The ghost of the Empire have been organizing, a new threat is on the rise. Calling themselves the First Order and using the notorious Knights of Ren, this new force in the Galaxy is undermining the stability of the New Republic. Having largely given up arms after the fall of the Empire, the New Republic is in no position to stop these brigands. The nebulous Resistance is forming to protect citizens of the republic. The messiest work falls on Resistance Intelligence. The spy network is gathering all they can on the First Order and to help combat their intimidation, they have restarted the legendary Rogue Squadron.

No longer comprised of top aces of the Rebel Alliance, this new Squadron has a hard job and is seeking out those willing to do the unpleasant work necessary to preserve the republic and keep freedom in the Galaxy.

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All flights have room. Pick you equipment, droids and weapons and move out!

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