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Star Wars: Shades of Grey


Star Wars: Shades of Grey

Star Wars Legends - Post ROTJ

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Captain Sol Harizzo

Assistant GM(s):
The Protector

Living in the outer rim is difficult at the best of times for your average being, those who have joined Grey Wing find it even more difficult than most. Turning their back on both the Empire and the New Republic seemed like the best idea to those involved, unable to stomach the atrocities carried out in the Emperor’s name and unable to gel with those fighting back to reclaim the galaxy they became mercenaries working for anyone with the coin to spare. Now 18 months later they find themselves beset on all sides by those they’ve worked with, those they’ve wronged and the worst thing? They’ve unwittingly been in bed with a Hutt Crime Lord the whole time. They maybe on the run from the remnants of the Empire and from the New Republic however that isn’t their main concern. As the Galaxy knows the only thing worse than having a Hutt as a friend is owing them money and this Hutt is getting impatient for repayment.

Current Mission: Prelude: Pina Colada

Everything was going so well for Grey Wing they had a base to call home, a newly discovered capital ship for a home away from home and enough men, women and assorted miscreants to do any job.

Then they heard from New Republic Intelligence that they were being targeted by a New Republic Strike Force.

Then they heard that the local Moff was out to get them.

Then they learned that they’ve been working for a Hutt without knowing it.

Now they’re on the run, trying to piece life back together.

Open Positions:

Whatever you can think of, bring it to our discord and lets discuss it. About the only rule we have is no force users this is not a sim about Jedi, its about normal people who are down on their luck and what they do about that.

  • Pilots
  • Smugglers
  • Petty Criminals
  • And Bounty Hunters

Character Roster:

  • Captain Sol Narizzo
  • The Protector