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Starbase 400

Star Trek

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Game Manager:
Fleet Admiral Mike K`Wor Bremer

Assistant GM(s):
Admiral Deela T'Lar

The Starbase 400 Story:

Starbase 400 25th AnniversaryIt’s the year 2396, and a time of war for the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. The Cardassians are allied with the Federation/Klingon Alliance in their war against the Typhon Pact. There’s peace with the Dominion It’s a time of change for the Federation and the rest of the Galaxy. Starbase 400 is a Spacedock type station orbiting Kaleb IV in Beta Quadrant, which sits close to Klingon, Romulan, Gorn, Tholian, and Krazzle territories as well as open space and the unclaimed ‘Triangle’, home to pirates and criminals. The war has taken a toll on both sides.

Starbase 400 has become key to the Federation’s future. She’s the Flag Base for a major section of the Beta Quadrant call the ‘Ares Operational Theater’ and is home to a variety of Support ships. Classes include; Galaxy Refit, Defiant, Intrepid, Sovereign, Ronin, Akira, Prometheus, Nova, Nebula, Ambassador, Excelsior, Steamrunner, Diligent, Constitution Refit, Saber, Olympic, Gladiator, Centaur, Interceptor, Miranda Refit, Vesta, and Luna! The crew is assigned to a wide variety of mission types including Exploration, Science, Federation Defense, Combat, Covert Operations, Intelligence Gathering, Emergency Response, and much more.

Starbase 400 is a slow paced, highly detailed, active sim that has developed a vast back-story, complete with two dozen permanent NPCs, a fleet of ships, and a dangerous intersection of space to defend. To support its in character universe, Starbase 400 maintains an academy, a database, a timeline of sim canon, and logs of each mission to ensure members are informed. Infused with a focus on character development and realistic
storytelling, these factors combine, producing an intensely vibrant sim.

For a quarter of a century, Starbase 400 has focused on character development and realistic storytelling. As a friendly community of adult fans and writers, we strive to work together to produce not only wonderful stories for all to read, but to also grow together and move forward, expanding on our little corner of the final frontier.

Starbase is a multi-award winning sim and community. We’re a two time recipient of the ‘Simming Prize’ (2012 and
2014) as an outstanding sim. We’re also a 2017 recipient of OnGoing Worlds’ ‘Squiddie Award’ for ‘Facilitating the Community Experience’ as an outstanding sim. We were Bravo Fleet’s first Sim of the Year in 1997,
and since that time we’ve also been awarded Sim of the Month on eight separate occasions, as well as Sim of the Quarter and Bravo Fleet’s Admiralty Unit Citation in 2017. Since joining the 22nd Fleet in 2020 we received the Post of the Month Gold Award our first month as a member. We’ve also received over forty awards for our website’s content and design over the years. Starbase 400 is also managed by the 2011 Simming Prize winner, Mike Bremer. Starbase 400 is a Nova played sim that’s been active continuously since 1995. For 25 years we’ve provided quality interactive simming for
new and veteran players alike. We take Canon Trek and mix it with elements of Simi-Canon as well as the Sim’s history to make a unique simming experience for everyone!

Our LCARS site features a custom menu with data ranging from a Historical Timeline to Support Ship specs, a
full Star Trek database to image galleries. Read though our mission logs, galactic news, apply for our web design award, join our Banner Exchange, view our maps, or tour the Starbase. The NOVA site also has crew info, mission logs, an application to join SB400, and much more! Take a look around, we know you’ll be impressed. Join the Adventure!

Current Mission: Episode 107 – Recovery

Episode 107 – Recovery -Federation Alliance Fleet (SB400 ships, 4th Fleet, and units of the 2nd, 5th, 7th, and 9th Fleets along with supporting Klingon, Cardassian, Ferengi, and Romulan Republic ships) including the newly recommissioned USS Enterprise-E launches an attack to retake Starbase 400 and the Kaleb system, it is a success / Klingon forces retake K’Vak station and the Naredra system from the Gorn/Krazzel forces holding it / Civilian unrest flares up in the Romulan Star Empire, some in the Romulan Senate call for an end to the war. / 8th Fleet remains in the Alpha Quadrant along the Breen border. Units of the 1st, 3rd, and 6th Fleets also remain in defensive positions in the Alpha Quadrant / Tholian forces attack Cardassians near Velos, two Cardassian Orders are wiped out while the Breen attack Turlix destroyed a Starbase and dozens of ships before being forced back. Cardassians consider pulling their fleet out of the Beta Quadrant to protect their own territory / Tholian artifact found on crashed Romulan ship on Kaleb VI by Starbase 400 crew.

Open Positions:

Command Master Chief
Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
Chief Nurse
First Marine Division First Sergeant
Engineering Officer
22nd Marine Regiment Commander
327th Marine Regiment Commander
Fighter Pilot

Character Roster:

Fleet Admiral Mike K`Wor Bremer – Starbase 400 Commanding Officer
Admiral Admiral Deela T’Lar – Starbase 400 Executive Officer
Commodore Leon `Lee` Pike – Mission Operations Officer
Vice Admiral James K`Temoc Bremer – Special Operations Group Commander
Lieutenant Lieutenant Arev – Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Commander Ezekiel Bagwell – Special Operations Team Leader -Beta Team
Lieutenant Rachael “Ripcord” Yamaguchi – Chief Flight Control Officer
Lieutenant Xalanth – Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Lieutenant JG Finchley Kerr – Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Lieutenant Commander Croesus – Chief Operations Officer
Lieutenant Timothy O’Riley – Assistant Chief Operations Officer
Commander Jack Solomon – Chief Engineering Officer
Lieutenant JG Octceann AmHain – Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Lieutenant Commander Nicholas Coleman – Chief Science Officer
Lieutenant JG Matthew Plumeri – Assistant Chief Science Officer
Commander Hades, MD – Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Commander Ariana Monroe – Chief Counselor View Bio
Lieutenant Commander Carolyn Corrigan, MD – Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Anna Woodhouse – Medical Officer
Lieutenant General Jewel ‘M’lara’ Dartt – 1st Marine Division Commanding Officer
Brigadier General Kaden Ross – 1st Marine Division Executive Officer
Major Edward Maxwell – 181st Tactical Fighter Wing Executive Officer
Raekwon Vox – Civilian Shop Owner
Camron Wayne – Civilian Shop Owner