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The Revenant

Star Trek

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Ravana Nazar

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The Xi Icarus system has 5 uninhabited worlds; there are no native sentient species, no flora or fauna, and no history of any of those things in its recent past. Despite this lack of native life, the system is bustling with activity. Nestled in its dense asteroid belt is a place called “The Rock”. It’s an asteroid-based station with a ship port and a biodome that holds a small city. This staging ground is a major hub of activity for the most legendary criminal organization in the quadrant: The Orion Syndicate. The Rock is the home port for an ambitious group of syndicate pirates under the leadership of a ruthless captain named Ravana Nazar. They complete their jobs with the help of their most powerful weapon, a stolen Defiant Class ship called The Revenant.

Current Mission: At A Steal

Piracy is an old trade in the Orion Syndicate but most pirate ships aren’t very powerful, so captains have learned to be devious and to play the long game. That’s how Opekk Challa expected things would always be; that is until his syndicate cell happened upon a Defiant-Class starship adrift in space. He charged his illustrious First Mate, Ravana Nazar, with capturing the vessel at all costs. Once the ship was secured and its crew was set to be ransomed back to their families, Opekk was going to take the USS Resistance for his prize, but Nazar, backed by several low-level cell-members, took command of the Federation ship and fled under cloak. Now, after several weeks hiding out, the newly named Revenant has docked at The Rock; Ravana Nazar is looking for a group of ruthless, ambitious, brutes to join the newly formed Nazar Cell before her betrayal catches up with her. Will you be one of them?

Open Positions:

First Mate
Captain’s Bodyguard
Ship Administrator
Chief Pilot
Chief Gunner
Chief of Security
Chief Engineer

Character Roster:

Ravana Nazar (Captain, Cell Leader)