U.N.S.G.C. Jonathon O’Neil

  • Jess 

General Information:

Genre: Stargate
Operating Year: 2025
Rating: 111
Recruiting? Yes
Gameplay Format NOVA
Website: http://unsgc.rp-host.com/

GM & Player Information

GM's Character: Jessica Andrews of Salara
Assistant GM(s):

Top Open Positions:
All Tauri Militaries are accepted on the O'Neil

Executive Officer
Chief Archeologist
Chief Linguist
Chief Engineer
Chief Scientist
Chief of Medicine
Chief Diplomat
Chief of Military Ops

About The Sim

It has been twenty years since the Atlantis Expedition and ten after the Stargate Command went public. Earth has formally taken it’s place as the Fifth Race, a guardian of the galaxy as the System Lords power has been broken. The Tau’ri, and its client nations, have left earth to settle hundreds of worlds. Many of them have continued the noble cause of exploration and peacekeeping that the Tau’ri inherited from the Asguard.

But even though in this time of wonder and expansion, there are still dangers. The Lucian Alliance takes advantage of the power vacumme left by the System Lords. And a faction of Free Jaffa has risen who believe that through their warrior ways, they could command an empire greater than the system lords through conquest.

And even behind the farthest star. Rumors of powerful System Lords, who were once banished from the Galaxy, have returned. Sensing opportunity in chaos. Even some of the perils that SG-1 first faced have formed new threats and wonders.

Current Mission: The Gathering of the Guardians

Jessica of Salara, an experienced Tok’Ra Commander has noticed strange activity at the edge of the Galaxy that may end the ten years of progress the Galaxy has entered into under the protection of the Fifth Race; the Tau’ri. To aid her in finding the source of this threat, General Samantha Carter has placed the UNSGC Johnathon O’Neil under Jessica’s command. The crew now meets onboard the newest addition to the Tau’ri fleet.

Crew Manifest: