Union Mining Station Number 42

General Information:

Genre: Orville
Operating Year: 2421
Rating: 322
Recruiting? Yes
Gameplay Format NOVA
Website: http://www.ums42.com/

GM & Player Information

GM's Character: Captain Cayne Morrigan
Assistant GM(s): Lieutenant Carmina Barbossa

Top Open Positions:

We have open positions in almost all departments!



-Assistant Chief

-Operations (Shuttlebay manager)

-Assistant Chief


-Assistant Chief


-Assistant Chief

And so many more! Plenty of room for shopkeepers, restaurants and bar owners!

About The Sim

Year: 2421. Located on the outskirts of Union charted space, a previously ignored inconspicuous planet becomes a beacon in the podunk regions of the frontier. After obtaining mining rights from the indigenous population of the planet, the Planetary Union constructed a space station, using a group of asteroids that had been pulled into orbit of the planet millennia ago.

After a miners revolt leads to a division on the station above, the unruly laborers ignite the flame to an already overworked and incredibly stressed Union crew. The revolt had lead to a full on mutiny above causing officers and enlisted personnel to turn on the command crew and on one another. Union cruisers arrive in time to quell the storm, but they are too late to spare casualties and fatalities. Mutineers are taken into Union custody and the station’s Commanding Officer deceased in all the chaos.

The station is briefly under the interim command of Union Sector Admiralty until a suitable replacement is found. Order is temporarily restored. It’s an assignment that nobody wants to take, a small technologically dated industrial mining station in the middle of nowhere. However, one man seems the perfect fit for the recently opened position… a good shepherd to tend to this lost flock of black sheep.

Current Mission: Welcome to Union Mining Station Number 42

Worker strike – The new crew and captain arrive while the worker’s strike is still going on. Can the new crew come together and reach an agreement with the miners?

Crew Manifest: