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USS Amandora

Star Trek

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Cyndi Song

Assistant GM(s):
Lieutenant Commander James Bird Executive Officer, Major David Hurd Senior Second Officer

The USS Amandora operates in the Star Year 2400 Stardate 77001. In a universe 30 years after the voyages of the USS Enterprise E. In this universe the Hobus star didn’t explode and Vulcan still exists. Join us in forging a path of trek not taken as we boldly go where others chose not to go. The Planet Romulus still exists as well. Are you brave enough to join us as we explore a newly discovered region of space. The Sagittarius System still lies within the Milky Galaxy. Are you brave enough to join us as we explore this uncharted region of space? Are you brave enough as we seek out new friends and enemies that lie there? If this sounds like something you’d like to do then join us!

We are a Galaxy Class Star Ship under the direct of command of Commodore Cyndi Song. Join our adventures today as we seek out what is there be it friend or foe.

This group is rated PG 16

Commodore Cyndi Song
Commanding Officer
USS Amandora

Current Mission: Mission Guardian Shield

The Amandora responding to a distress call from a Federation embassy on a Federation world that has suddenly descended into a brutal civil war. The Federation ambassador and his assistant along with the planets ruler and the bulk of the government where killed in a bombing followed by part of the planetary defense force rising up in rebellion resulting in heavy fighting in the capital has both sides move to secure the government building to give themselves further legitimacy. For the different departments: Marines secure and hold the embassy keeping Federation personal safe. Diplomatic Corps step in and try to negotiate a ceasefire which neither side seems to be interested in. Medical help with casualties being inflicted. Intelligence dig into what has happened and try to fill in the holes. For the main shipman figure Science while scanning will start picking up traces of a possible cloaked ship in orbit as things on the planet go from bad to worse. The world located close to the Romulan Federation border had a Romulan trained deep undercover cell that has gone rogue and started a revolution. The embassy intelligence chief of station stumbled across information and was killed sparking a hasty bombing and an armed coup attempt. I figure Alister and his team could be force to go dark once coming across the info being forced to flee and try to go to ground only to be rescued by a Romulan Tal Shir team trying to put a lid and regain control of the rogue cell. It is a Romulan ship that is cloaked playing cat and mouse with Amandora to keep in support range of their ground team. I figure toward the end the Marines could have to repel an attack on the embassy with the Romulan ship decloaking forcing the Amandora away as they try to figure out if they’re suppose to support the attack or not. With Romulan interference lifting the Prime Directive Alister and the Tal Shir team launch a beheading operation taking out the coups leadership replacing them with lower ranked officers who start excepting the ceasefire accords and additional Federation peacekeeping efforts to land and start to rebuild the planet and civilization.

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