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USS Apollo


USS Apollo

Star Trek

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Game Manager:
Captain Jack Stone

Assistant GM(s):
Commander Elias Wren & Lieutenant Amelia Wilson

In these trying times, the universe is still on a path of the unknown. The Romulans are slowly rebuilding following the events of the Hobus Supernova, the Klingons are looking always at the easiest way to conquer, and in the middle is the Federation, ready at a moment’s notice to stand up and stand in between two powers, to ensure that peace is maintained. War might not be on their minds at the moment, but it could happen at any moment…

As the Federation looks to also get back to its main objectives of exploring new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations, boldly going where nobody has gone before, they must be wary of what might happen in their own backyard. Peace is essential to the safety of the Federation and the whole galaxy. Enemies, both foreign and domestic, want to ensure the Federation does not thrive on this moment, that they are destroyed… or worse.

Welcome to the USS Apollo, I am Captain Jack Stone, the Commanding Officer of this vessel. The USS Apollo is a Vesta-class starship that is part of 22nd Fleet. The Apollo’s primary focus is the exploration of the quadrant, and the safety and security of the region, however, as multi-mission explorer, our mission objectives can change at the direction of Starfleet. The USS Apollo is a play-by-nova role-playing game set in the Star Trek universe. If you are interested in joining our simulation, whether you have experience or not, you are welcome. All you need is a creative mind and a solid grasp of the English language. Head up to our website and hit ‘Join’, fill out an application form and become part of the adventure!

We are a +16 rated simulation with a sim rating of 212, which does mean that all applicants do need to be over the age of 16 prior to applying to be accepted onboard the simulation.

Current Mission: Paradise... Revisited

With the termination of the Excalibur program following the disaster that occurred three months ago in Romulan space, culminating in the retirement of Captain Anthony Richardson and the disaster that has come upon Commodore Nathaniel Jackson, the former Free Romulan Movement Line-of-Effort Commander, the crew of the USS Excalibur must now find new assignments or figure out what their next move is in their career. Meanwhile, the USS Apollo, a recently built Vesta-class starship is finalizing the last few components of its space trials and the Admirals at Starfleet Headquarters want to get Captain Jack Stone into the chair as soon as possible. It then becomes too easy to just reassign the crew of the USS Excalibur that already don’t have new assignments to the USS Apollo, and give Captain Stone a head-start on his new staff. How will they all react to the news?

Open Positions:

Chief Operations Officer Chief Science Officer
Chief Medical Officer Chief Counselor
Chief Intelligence Officer Marine Company Commanding Officer

Character Roster:

Captain Jack Stone
Commanding Officer
Commander Elias Wren
Executive Officer
Lieutenant Amelia Wilson
49th Starfighter Squadron Leader & Second Officer
Lieutenant JG Noah Martiz
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Lieutenant JG Artorius S’harien
Chief Flight Control Officer
Lieutenant JG Arivek Zhuri
Chief Engineering Officer