USS Aquarius

Star Trek

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Game Manager:
LtCmdr Dustin Cummins

Assistant GM(s):
PO1 Chase Stevens

“In the aftermath of the Hobus Supernova, the fractured Romulan Star Empire led to significant voids of power. The turmoil of factions and warlords posed a significant threat to Federation Safety. A series of attacks against neutral zone bordering federation colonies lead to Star Fleet increase militarized border patrols. The Aquarius, the namesake for a new light escort was one of those. Originally designed to compliment the planned Odyssey Class flag cruiser, was one such vessel moved to sure-up federation interests.”

The Aquarius follows a “lower decks” feel simm. Focusing on a smaller, more intimate crew, writers have less at their disposal to “treknobabble” their way out of situations. Decisions have to be more meaningful to keep a sense of consistency and reality in the in-game Aquarius. The ship aims to use the history given in Season 1 of Picard to flesh out and attempt realise the nature of the in game universem what it might be like patrolling that sector of space, with the creative freedom to build on what a Romulan Warlord trying to mark their claim might look like and why ultimately by 2399 there was limited to no Federation Presence out there.

Current Mission: Birds of a Feather

Assigned their first patrol mission, the crew of the Aquarius are sent to investigate cargo traveling in and out of the neutral zone when they discover a Wallace Class Patrol Craft adrift in space.

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Character Roster:

Red Lieutenant Commander Pip Image Lieutenant Commander Dustin Cummins Commanding Officer
Red Senior Chief Petty Officer Pip Image SCPO Nerissa Kade Chief of the Boat
Yellow Petty Officer 1st Class Pip Image Petty Officer 1st Class Chase Stevens Chief Engineer
Romulan Commander Pip Image Commander T’Janna Romulan Commander