USS Athena

General Information:

Genre: Star Trek
Operating Year: 2675
Rating: 323
Recruiting? Yes
Gameplay Format NOVA

GM & Player Information

GM's Character: Captain Neema Mar
Assistant GM(s): Commander Ariella Azulas

Top Open Positions:
Chief Engineering Officer
Commander, Air Group
Rapid Response Force CO (Marines)
Chief Intelligence Officer
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Chief Flight Control Officer
Chief Counselor

About The Sim

2374, the year it all ended. Operation Return was supposed to be the first move in a coordinated effort by the Federation Alliance to deal a decisive blow in the Dominion War. It was the do or die moment, the strongest forces in the Starfleet and Klingon fleets had been rallied with the singular goal of regaining Deep Space 9 and securing the wormhole to prevent Dominion reinforcements from arriving. As the battle went on the USS Defiant entered the wormhole in a last ditch effort to prevent the reinforcements. It failed. As the wormhole opened up again thousands of Jem’Hadar vessels appeared, rapidly overwhelming the already severely damaged Federation Alliance Fleet. The battle was a massacre as nearly every ship was lost and both Starfleet and the Klingon Empire lost veteran commanders, officers and enlisted. With reinforcements presena and the wormhole secure the Dominion moved to take advantage of the hole left open by the Federation in a punishing strike for Earth. With the Third Fleet outmanned and outgunned it stood little chance of defeating the Jem’Hadar fleets and Earth was quickly overrun as the Dominion added a new trophy in their war effort.

In secret, high ranking officers in Starfleet, senior officials in the Federation and commanders in the Klingon Empire had been preparing for just such a scenario. There had always been fears that Operation Return would fail and even the most optimistic predictions rendered a Federation Alliance victory impossible against a Dominion at full strength. Even if they somehow convinced the Romulans and other Alpha and Beta Quadrant races to join them. From all remaining fleets vessels designed for long range flight such as the Intrepids, Sovereigns, and Prometheus’ amongst others were assembled together with Klingon equivalents. They were ordered to set a course for the Delta Quadrant, the crews of these ships would not be returning in their own lifetimes and it was made fully clear this was a one-way mission. With the fleet away Section 31 and Klingon Imperial Intelligence made sure all who knew, a select few as it was, died or disappeared under suspicious circumstances. Records of the ships and crews on them were doctored to show them as lost in combat to make sure even if information made it to the Dominion the remnants would not be in it.

It is now 2675, 300 years have passed since Operation Return and 260 years since the remnants settled in a resource-rich system in the Delta Quadrant. Entire generations have born, lived and died with the sole purpose of bringing about the restoration of paradise. The time has finally arrived. Incorporating the best advances of Starfleet, Klingon and Borg technology combined with an industry solely built on the production of war machines, the time to return has arrived.

The USS Athena is an Odyssey Class vessel, the pride of the Galactic Fleet, and the vanguard of its efforts to regain what was lost. The Alpha and Beta Quadrants have changed, nothing is as the stories they were told about the times before the war. The Athena has the lonely mission of returning and collecting data on the current status and to seek out any resistance that may still be left and to harm the Dominion every chance it gets. The Dominion War is not over yet.

Current Mission: Season 1 Episode 1 - Saying Goodbye

With the final tests completed and the crew assigned, the new crew of the Athena boards the ship on their dangerous mission to return to the Alpha Quadrant and prepare for the Galactic Fleet’s invasion to push the Dominion out once and for all.

Crew Manifest: