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USS Copernicus


USS Copernicus

Star Trek

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Game Manager:
Thomas Wilson

Assistant GM(s):
Dorian Slade

The year is 2286, and things are starting to return to normal after a gigantic alien probe attempted to contact the long-extinct Humpbacked whales on Earth, causing environmental havoc on the planet. Starfleet’s founding philosophy to seek knowledge and explore can once again be re-established. USS Copernicus, a small Oberth Class Science Scout Vessel, having completed her shake-down cruise, is now eager to begin researching new worlds, asteroids and other strange phenomena. She must brave the darkness of the last vast unknown. The focus of this Star Trek Role Play Game is on character development and interaction. The whole team work together on the development of the current and future storylines for this game.  

Current Mission: Sands of Time

The Copernicus is dispatched to a recently explored tertiary planetary system, classified as T776-A.  The USS Barcelona briefly scanned the system but was unable to complete the survey for being redirected on an urgent assignment. The Copernicus is to investigate further the sensor results taken by the Barcelona. Preliminary scans indicate no humanoid life on the three planets but life was present some time ago on the second planet in the system, Class H.

Open Positions:

Chief Engineering Officer – VACANT

Chief Security Officer – VACANT

Chief Science Officer – PENDING

Chief Medical Officer  – VACANT



Character Roster:

Commanding Officer – Captain Thomas Wilson

Executive Officer – Commander Dorian Slade

Communications Officer – Lieutenant Helen Maxwell (NPC)

Helm Officer – Ensign Rick Lewis (NPC)