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USS Dauntless


USS Dauntless

Star Trek (Prime Universe)

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Game Manager:
Captain Vheab'dgaqu Voashinaigu

Assistant GM(s):
Commander Caymen Greener

In 2374, the USS Voyager discovered the USS Dauntless, the “prototype” for a new class of Starship. They discovered that it was not created by Starfleet but by Species 116, to trap the Earth ship. When Voyager returns in 2378, they give Starfleet the specs and they construct the first vessel of this class, the USS Dauntless. Captain Vheab’dgaqu Voashinaigu, is given command of this new ship. Their mission is to test out the new Slipstream drive, and serve the Federation.

Current Mission: The Great Experiment

The USS Dauntless is getting ready to make their first Slipstream jump.  This will be Starfleet’s trial run of the new drive, hopefully perfecting the work that the USS Voyager did in the Delta Quadrant.  The crew is coming aboard and getting the ship prepped for launch.

Open Positions:

Recruitment Spotlight: Slipstream Specialist

Command Openings
Chief Flight Control Officer
Media Relations Officer

Operations Openings
Chief Operations Officer
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Slipstream Specialist

Science Openings
Assistant Chief Science Officer
Science Officer
Slipstream Navigating Specialist

Medical and Counseling Openings
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Counselor
Head Nurse

Character Roster:

Rank Name Position
Captain Vheab’dgaqu Voashinaigu Commanding Officer

Caymen Greener Executive Officer

Lieutenant Commander
Haxin Mariwat Chief Engineer

Hask Rastak Chief Science Officer

Kazyah Linn Starfleet Intelligence Liaison

Lieutenant JG
Chloe Young Chief Security and Tactical Officer

Chief Petty Officer
Zack Patterson Chief of the Boat/Quartermaster