USS Magnificent

  • Camila 

General Information:

Genre: Star Trek
Operating Year: 2390
Rating: 322
Recruiting? Yes
Gameplay Format NOVA

GM & Player Information

GM's Character: Lieutenant Jillian Tarianna "Socket" Toomey
Assistant GM(s):

Top Open Positions:
Chief of Flight
Chief of Security
Chief of Medical

About The Sim

The Magnificent is everything that Starfleet hoped would never happen. So instead of debriefing everyone and wishing them well in their civilian endeavours, the Admiralty decided to teach a young Lieutenant with an authority problem a lesson.

They saddled her with officers that no one else wanted, cadets that barely graduated the Academy, a redneck Engineer that wants to tear her ship apart, Enlisted that don’t quite make the grade, and a former Borg who wants consensual assimilation.

Current Mission: We're All Gonna Die!

The Magnificent is hurled through an experimental grey hole into the Messier 4 galaxy outside of the Galactic Barrier. In bad shape, the ship and crew – half of whom believe they are going to die, they must pull together and save themselves, then find a way home or a way to survive where they’ve found themselves.

Crew Manifest: