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USS Medea

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USS Medea

Star Trek

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Game Manager:
Captain Christine Applegate

Assistant GM(s):
Lieutenant Commander Ian Ryan

The USS Medea is a scientific exploration vessel, setup for finding the strange and unusual in the Delta Quadrant.  The crew, hand-picked for their expertise in their given fields, have the same curiosity as their commanding officer.  The Medea is set to go into the areas that are unexplored, find the planets that have yet to be scanned, research the things that make the Delta Quadrant tick.  Diplomacy is, of course, part of the equation when necessary.

Current Mission: Mission 5: Research Team - Missing in Action

A research team goes missing while studying the rocky world of Binides, where giant avians are at the top of the food chain, and the crew of the USS Medea is called upon to find out what happened to them. Upon arriving, the small research station which had been set up for the research team had completely disappeared along with the team itself. A strange and unknown signature is left at the small stations coordinates. The Medea and her crew must solve the mystery of the missing research team and their station and find out who or where the unknown signature has come from…

Open Positions:

– Chief Science Officer

– Asst. Department Heads

– Junior Officer Positions

Character Roster:

Captain Captain Christine Applegate – CO

Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander Ian Ryan – XO

Lieutenant Lieutenant Commander Zayn Satu – CMO/2XO

Lieutenant Lieutenant Baktosh Redclaw – Chief Tac/Sec

Lieutenant Lieutenant Solana Milner – Chief Engineer

Lieutenant Lieutenant Jennifer Matthews – Chief Operations

Cadet Junior Grade Cadet Junior Grade Isamu Takato – Flight Trainee