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USS Medea

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General Information:

Genre: Star Trek
Operating Year: 2389
Rating: 222
Recruiting? No
Gameplay Format NOVA
Website: https://ussmedea.cfsimming.com/

GM & Player Information

GM's Character: Captain Christine Applegate
Assistant GM(s): Lieutenant Commander Ian Ryan

Top Open Positions:
Assistant Chief Positions

About The Sim

The USS Medea is a scientific exploration vessel, setup for finding the strange and unusual in the Delta Quadrant.  The crew, hand-picked for their expertise in their given fields, have the same curiosity as their commanding officer.  Though Task Force 38 is assigned to the Delta Quadrant already, the Medea is set to go into the areas that are unexplored, find the planets that have yet to be scanned, research the things that make the Delta Quadrant tick.  Diplomacy is, of course, part of the equation when necessary.

Current Mission: Orbiting the Blue

Crew Manifest:

Captain Christine Applegate – CO

Lieutenant Commander Ian Ryan – XO

Lieutenant Zayn Satu – CMO/2XO

Deka Maran – Mission Advisor

Lieutenant Baktosh Redclaw – Chief Tac/Sec

Lieutenant JG Naddia Yole – Chief Operations

Lieutenant Solana Milner – Chief Engineer

Lieutenant JG Jhena Mires – Computer Systems Specialist

Lieutenant Amelix Milumad – Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant JG Luke van Goens – Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist