USS Portland

  • Stephen 

General Information:

Genre: Orville
Operating Year: 2421
Rating: 323
Recruiting? No
Gameplay Format NOVA

GM & Player Information

GM's Character: Captain Olivia Constance
Assistant GM(s): LCDR G. Trelawney

Top Open Positions:
To be announced...

About The Sim

The USS Portland is a Leviathan-class ship in the Union Fleet tasked with exploring the reaches beyond known Union Space, making friends with new space-faring civilizations, and finding more allies for the war with the Kaylons.

Portland, originally destined to be a Task Group Flagship, has been redesignated a fighter carrier. Under the command of the young and quickly promoted Captain Olivia Constance, the adventures the crew will experience together are sure to be the stuff of legends.

Out of character, the Portland Crew strives to bring the laid back atmosphere of the Orville to our writing setting. If you’re interested in expanding a brand new universe, then look no further than the USS Portland!

All members must be eighteen years of age or older.

Current Mission: An Odd Start

The USS Portland arrives at Mining Colony 42, and transfers crew between the ship and station, while Vice Admiral Plaice Holder takes the time to brief the entire-ass crew on the importance of their mission, Captain Butler decides that the crew already knows how important their mission is, and takes the ship for a joyride around the system.

When Vice Admiral Holder finds out about Captain’s Butler’s shenanigans he orders the Portland back to the station and removes her from command. In a show of nepotism, he promotes Olivia Constance, the Executive Officer of the USS Coolidge to command.

USS Portland Logo

Crew Manifest:

Captain Olivia Constance, Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Commander Geoffery Trelawney, Second Officer & Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant Wilhelmina “Billy” Westing, MD, Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Kalil Shirazi, Chief Operations Officer

Miss. Rebecca Healy, Hospitality Manager