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USS Portland


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Game Manager:
Captain Ezra Tobin

Assistant GM(s):
CDR G. Trelawney

The USS Portland is a mid-level Exploratory-class vessel in the Union Fleet tasked with exploring the reaches beyond known Union Space, making friends with new space-faring civilizations, and finding more allies for the war with the Kaylons.

It’s now three months after a mission to find a missing Gel ship ended in the untimely death of the young and quickly promoted Captain Olivia Constance and the total (self) destruction of the original Portland. Three months since the remaining crew escaped in the surviving shuttles and limped to safety. Now, sporting a shiny new ship named in memory of the original, Captain Ezra Tobin strives to last a little longer than his predecessor. He’s also dealing with some (understandably) Gel-related bias in the old crew.

All members must be eighteen years of age or older.

Current Mission: It's A Rescue Mission, You'll Love It

An unknown planet designated Aorkon 5.

The Marchana, a civilian vessel, has sent up a distress call from the surface and while the ship itself was still sitting there silent, all but one of its crew had failed to return. The sole survivor had barricaded herself on board and called for help.

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Communications Specialist

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