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USS Sentinel

Star Trek

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Captain James McCullen

Assistant GM(s):
Commander Temmerant Bast

USS Sentinel – NCC-74673

“You are the Sentinels; Silent and sure, keeping watch in the night.” ~ Herbert Kretzmer The year is 2389 and balance of power is in turmoil. It has been a year since the destruction of Romulus in the Hobus hypernova and the Romulan Star Empire has resealed its borders. The Klingon empire is resurgent and roiling, taking the opportunity in Romulan weakness to strike forward into expansion. The Dominion are silent, lurking in the Gamma Quadrant, perhaps waiting for the right conditions to return. It is a precarious time for the Federation. I am Captain James McCullen. The USS Sentinel is an Intrepid-class starship that is part of Starfleet’s 22nd Fleet. The Sentinel’s primary focus is exploration and science-based discovery, but with the current state of the galaxy, we may be called upon to carry out other duties for the Federation. Having been recovered from Meja’s Nebula, the newly reactivated USS Sentinel has gone through a bow-to-stern restoration and refit. Now, the USS Sentinel heads out on her first active-service mission under Captain McCullen. The ship is to proceed to the Gamma Quadrant on a Diplomatic mission to establish relations with worlds which have ceded or never been taken by the Dominion, and to assist in establishing a more stable Federation presence in the quadrant.

Current Mission: Shadows

After leaving the planet Stakoron II, the USS Sentinel receives a message from the Stakorons requesting further aid. A rare particle, Xirdalium, which powers the Stakoron’s environmental control systems, is running low. Until the separation, the Stakoron’s had no idea that the only reliable source of Xirdalium was the Dominion and had no idea that they were running out until the environmental control systems stopped working. Until the Federation can install deuterium compatible power supplies, the Stakoron need a new source.

The USS Sentinel is tasked with going to a nebula near the edge of Dominion space where Xirdalium has been detected and returning a quantity of it to Stakoron II. What mysteries await her?

Open Positions:

Chief Flight Control Officer
Chief Science Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Counselor
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Assistant department heads
Engineering, Science and Medical specialists
Most other junior and secondary positions are available.

Character Roster:

Commanding Officer: Captain James McCullen
Executive Officer: Commander Temerant Bast
Chief Security/Tactical Officer: Lieutenant Commander Tyran Nige
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer: Lieutenant JG Merlar R’heil
Chief Operations Officer: Lieutenant Oliver Ross
Chief Engineering Officer: Lieutenant Datt Grol