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USS Taniwha

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USS Taniwha

Star Trek - just after the end of the Dominion War

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Game Manager:
Captain Xanthe Rahal

Assistant GM(s):
Commander Rasahni Korra


“In every war zone that I’ve been in, there has been a reality and then there has been the public perception of why the war was being fought. In every crisis, the issues have been far more complex than the public has been allowed to know.” ~ John le Carre~

The year is 2375 and the Dominion War…is over. The Treaty of Bajor is now in effect and the Allies look to their own societies. The Klingons fall back within their own borders and begin to rebuild their fleet and society. The Romulans…we rarely know what they are really doing.

The Federation however faces the daunting task of rebuilding broken worlds and broken lives, rebuilding most of her fleet. Its most important task though is to rebuild its broken self. Gone now are the idealistic explorers, in their place wary, often times jaded veterans and wide eyed graduates the Academy keeps churning out. Time will only tell if these two polar opposites of a once united society can work together, if they can serve under the Federation’s original remit of exploration and self betterment. With a few more weapons than before.

Herein enters the USS Taniwha, an Akira class starship, freshly repaired out of the Okana shipyards on Bajor. As with many others, Starfleet faces a shortage of commanding officers and crew, so individuals are promoted to positions they may not have sought but now must accept, for the greater good.

Such is the case of Commander Xanthe Rahal, formerly the Intelligence Officer assigned to the USS Al-Haytham. Having been forced to take command of the Al-Haytham during the Battle of Cardassia and successfully getting the ship and her survivors through it, Commander Rahal is assigned as the new Commanding Officer of the USS Taniwha, in place of the late Captain Erihel Sand.

Current Mission: Episode 3 - Creepers In The Dark

With the crisis on Cardassia under control and all parties working towards a lasting peace, Task Force Phoenix is due for a new set of assignments. The USS Taniwha is tasked with spearheading the Federation exploration efforts in the unaligned space that surrounds Cardassian Territory.

Long range probes have detected a planet rich in archaeological ruins and potential mineral deposits of value to Federation and allied economy. The Taniwha is tasked with delivering a research team to the planet to set up a research facility and establish the first potential Federation foothold in the area, in form of a colony.

A two week journey to the planet only labeled as Astronomical Unit Lambda Beta-426 is filled with scientific and technological preparations and conferences.

Once the scientists and technicians are deposited on the planet, the Taniwha remains in orbit to conduct orbital scans and provide support while the grond teams set up.

Until they pick up a faint signal at the edge of their sensor range.

Open Positions:

Assistant Chief of Operations
Assistant Chief Science Officer
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
Wing Commander
Custom Position – send us a message and we’ll chat 🙂

Character Roster:

Commanding Officer: Captain Xanthe Rahal

Executive Officer: Commander Rasahni Korra

Yeoman: Ensign Logan Ryn

Chief of Security and Tactical: Lieutenant Theylan th’Zohan

Chief Flight Control Officer: Lieutenant Ashley Page

Commander of Air Group: Lieutenant Rebeka Kendrick

Chief of Operations: Lieutenant Commander William Morgan

Chief Science Officer: Lieutenant Gareth Tau

Chief Medical Officer: Warrant Officer Reilin MD

Assistant Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant JG Torrna Maliya, MD

Chief Counselor: Lieutenant Althea Reyna

Strategic Intelligence Officer: Lieutenant JG Omri Updike

Chief Engineer: Ensign Roman Chase