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USS Traveller

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USS Traveller

Star Trek

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Captain Remas McDonald

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When you join Starfleet, there aren’t many chances to be ‘First’ at anything. The Kirks and Picard’s of the world got there a hundred years before you did, and did it all themselves. The grand age of exploring our galaxy is slowly fading…

But there is still a heaven that astronomers and wanders alike look up to in the night sky. They look to the orbiting globular clusters that fly in formation with the Milky Way out beyond the Galactic Barrier. Using a new technology Starfleet is able to send vessels through the Galactic Barrier without negative effects, and the USS Traveller is the very first to make the journey. Crewed by the brightest minds of a generation, the great age of exploration is upon us!

The Traveller beckons all who dream of new meridians, and distant shores.

Join us and help defend and explore the high frontier beyond the Milly Way! Discover the mysteries of the Priors. Unravel the plots of the Myriad. And defend the helpless from the gauntleted fist of the Concordance. The Messier 4 Sim’s are an open world sand dock for those wanting to write their own story, and help shape a shared storyverse!

Come and join us, on what will be the Federations ultimate destiny, and next great adventure in Messier 4!

Current Mission: A Time To Heal

The Battle Of Canopus Station was fought and won, but at a terrible cost.

The USS Traveller, the storied first ship to Messier 4, was towed back to the port of Canopus Station without her running lights running. Her port nacelle hung limp, her hull was battered, and a blade of plasma had lanced through her heart nearly to the point. Station Commander Benjamin Ingram recommends the ship be salvaged for spare parts and broken up, to be remade and her crew reassigned.

But not this crew, and not this ship.

It is a time for the crew to work with the Station repair facilities to get the Traveller back up to speed, and upgraded to meet the threats that Messier 4 has presented. When the Traveller leaves Canopus Station, it will do armed for adventure.

Open Positions:

Chief Operations Officer (All Those LCAR’s Panels Won’t Change Themselves When They Blow Up)

Starfighter Squadron Leader (Pre-made Coffins In Stylish Colours)

Character Roster:

Command-CO-Captain Remas McDonald

Command-XO-Commander Zelea Arlidd

Chief Of Expedition Security-CoES-Lieutenant Garrett Davies

Flight Control-CFCO-Lieutenant Jolani Kohnar

Engineering-CEO-Lieutenant Commander Shadi Zatra

Science-CSO-Lieutenant JG Dinui Locke (loch)

Medical-CMO-Lieutenant Chester O’Hamlin