USS Triumphant

  • Camila 

General Information:

Genre: Star Trek
Operating Year: 2394
Rating: 212
Recruiting? Yes
Gameplay Format NOVA

GM & Player Information

GM's Character: Commodore Michael Aravan
Assistant GM(s): Captain Madalina Weisz

Top Open Positions:
Chief of Operations
Chief Counselor
Fighter Pilots

About The Sim

The Triumphant is an Odyssey class vessel set in the 24th century and is currently on it’s sixth mission.

Current Mission: The Nanjing

The Triumphant is sent to investigate the appearance of a Borg cube and to help a planet near the Badlands

Crew Manifest:

Commodore Michael Aravan
Commanding Officer
Captain Madalina Weisz
Executive Officer
Lieutenant Commander Alex Rho
Second Officer/Chief of Intelligence
Lieutenant Jas Niecta
Chief of Flight
Master Chief Petty Officer Thomas Barnes
Chief Engineer
Lieutenant Kyra Silvan Daughter of House Kilrah
Assistant Chief Engineer
Lieutenant Commander Arrda
Chief of Security
Lieutenant Martha Cusack
Chief of Tactical
Lieutenant Commander Kelani Tetanal
Chief of Science
Lieutenant J.M. Armitage
Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant JG Leonardo Francesco MD
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Colonel S’er’in’e
Marine Commanding Officer
Lieutenant JG Logan Hunter
Carrier Air Group Commander