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USS Tucker

Star Trek

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Captain Juliet St. Clair

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On 5 April 2385, the Federation changed.

Amid First Contact Day festivities, an unknown corruption caused the synthetic labour force of the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, on and above the planet Mars to revolt and attack the shipyard. Starships, drydocks, stations, and ground facilities were attacked from within and without. The very atmosphere itself was set ablaze. The final death toll was 92,143 sentients, as well as the entire synthetic workforce. Tens of millions more were displaced as Mars, the first world humanity settled upon and terraformed centuries earlier, was rendered uninhabitable.

It was this generation’s 9/11 or Wolf 359.

Crippled by an unforeseen development, Starfleet had decided that the safety and security of Federation worlds is paramount. Scientific and exploratory missions are scaled back, and the Romulan evacuation fleet is cancelled. Instead, resources are reallocated to ensure that no foreign powers or domestic extremists use the destruction of Utopia Planitia as an opportunity to further weaken the Federation.

The Steamrunner-class USS Tucker has been redeployed to the Cardassian border. Its mission: collect intelligence on threats to the Federation and its interests and, if necessary, act preemptively to eliminate those threats. As a cover, the Tucker is also an engineering support vessel, repairing starships, space stations, and colony facilities coincidentally proximate to its real targets.

Current Mission: By Any Means Necessary

After the attack on Mars, the Tucker was recalled to Starbase 375. A significant portion of the crew, including essentially the entire senior staff, was reassigned. New, specialized crew were sent in to enhance the effectiveness of the Tucker at both her classified and public assignments.

On her way to the base, the Tucker intercepted a secret transmission, sent to a system in Cardassian space near the border….

Open Positions:

  • Chief Security/Tactical Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Specialist Positions (Warrant Officers and Petty Officers)

Character Roster:

  • Captain Juliet St. Clair, Commanding Officer
  • Lieutenant Commander Lexia Aylin, Executive Officer
  • Lieutenant Commander Onofrio Solis, Chief Intelligence Officer
  • Lieutenant Daxton Tolland, Chief Engineering Officer
  • Lieutenant JG Adelayd Olivier, Chief Medical Officer
  • Ensign Nicolette Blanchet, Chief Flight Control Officer