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Vidal Fleet Yards


Vidal Fleet Yards

Star Trek, Prime Universe

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Game Manager:
Captain Neela Izal

Assistant GM(s):
Commander Iazil Naadel, Commander Chelsea McDanielson, Commander Yvanka Dravex

Seven years ago Captain Jodrel Vidal discovered the Ivaldian system in the Alpha Quadrant and since then a space station called Vidal Fleet Yards has been established. Civilians living on Ivaldi III have since thrived after the capital Javelin City began to expand. Several smaller towns on the planet have also cropped up as well. Mining installations, drydock facilities, the Regulus Class starbase Cessna Station, and an Immense Class starbase all are in the system now as well.

It is the year 2390 and while things have changed for the Ivaldi system and its inhabitants they continue to thrive. Starfleet and the Federation have established trade routes through the system and under the command of Captain Neela Izal and Commander Iazil Naadel things are looking bright.

Primarily Vidal Fleet Yards is an engineering simm that prides itself for having its own Starfleet Corps of Engineers and a Research & Development wing. However, there is so much more to Vidal Fleet Yards. Politics and colonial life shape the planet below our station while our science department works ever closer to unraveling the mystery of the Ivaldians who resided in this system before us. The USS Becker is our ticket to helping starships that may be in trouble while the USS Haeva focuses on the task of conducting field tests on new technologies.

So you see… Vidal Fleet Yards may have the mission of constructing new starships, designing new technologies, repairing & refitting other starships, and improving old technologies but we are so much more!

Vidal Fleet Yards is a starbase simm set in the Star Trek Universe and is a member simm of 22nd Fleet. Our current year is 2390. Please take the time to look around and should you like what you see consider the option of joining us.

Current Mission: Episode 9 - Deception

It’s the beginning of summer vacation for many of the younger residents of Vidal Fleet Yards and Ivaldi III. That means beaches, tall glasses of lemonade, and spending time with friends and family members. It also means that the long awaited visit from United Federation of Planets President Qax Traht. After months of postponements, the removal of Vice President Talar Lux, and debacles by the President’s office it is finally time for the tour President Traht has wanted to take from the start.

However, Starfleet Security have a lot more to deal with than just the arrangements for the highest political official in the entire Federation. Rumors of planned protests have been circulating since the announcement came in April. Security must be ever vigilant for that and any other threat that may come their way regarding the planned event. So while the children on the station are enjoying backyard bar-b-que and beach fun, security on the planet is extra tight in several areas.

While Security is dealing with the President of the Federation the Engineering and Operations personnel are dealing with matters elsewhere. An unknown alien vessel drops out of warp in the system carrying a single passenger in cryostasis. The child that is aboard the starship appears to be very much human. However, looks can be deceiving as the crew of the station, the civilians on the planet, and the lives in the entire Ivaldi System are about to find out…

Open Positions:

Character Roster:

Command & Traffic Control

Neela Izal Commanding Officer
Iazil Naadel Executive Officer
Yvanka Dravex Second Officer
Gredrol son of Osham Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Reid Hoseki Chief Traffic Control Officer

Station Security & Station Operations

Jeffery Washington Director of Security
Novra Bostru Deputy Director of Security
Gelo Pajes Chief of Station Security
S’Toriin Chief Operations Officer
Jessica Kingsley Asst. Chief Operations Officer


Yvanka Dravex Director of Science
Jordyn de Planca Deputy Director of Science
Manuel de Planca Chief of Physical Sciences
Leyla Aiman-Tamar Chief of Spatial Sciences
Gavin MacIntyre Chief of Life Sciences

Starfleet Corps. of Engineers

Chelsea McDanielson Director of Engineering
Tolam Pizal Deputy Director of Engineering
Kelsi Dawson Chief Engineering Officer [Fabrication]
R’Toren Chief Engineering Officer [Repair]
Brandon Kerr Chief Engineering Officer [Construction]
Courtney Mackenzie Chief Engineering Officer [Design]
Sinjohl Tagorn Chief Engineering Officer [Refit]
Mia Grayson Asst. Chief Engineering Officer [Refit]

Medicine & Counseling

Stephen O’Malley Director of Medicine
Ellowyn Delaney Deputy Director of Medicine
Suzanne Fairchild Chief Medical Officer
Kara Stevenson Chief Psychiatrist
Pobrin Izar Chief Counselor


Jami Bostru Family Member
Danielle MacIntyre Family Member
Riley MacIntyre Family Member