Vidal Fleet Yards

General Information:

Genre: Star Trek
Operating Year: 2390
Rating: 122
Recruiting? No
Gameplay Format NOVA

GM & Player Information

GM's Character: Captain Neela Izal
Assistant GM(s): Commander Iazil Naadel & Commander Chelsea McDanielson & Commander Yvanka Dravex

Top Open Positions:

About The Sim

Seven years ago Captain Jodrel Vidal discovered the Ivaldian system in the Alpha Quadrant and since then a space station called Vidal Fleet Yards has been established. Civilians living on Ivaldi III have since thrived after the capital Javelin City began to expand. Several smaller towns on the planet have also cropped up as well. Mining installations, drydock facilities, a Regulus class starbase named Cessna Station, and an Immense Class starbase all are in the system now as well.

It is the year 2390 and while things have changed for the Ivaldi system and its inhabitants they continue to thrive. Starfleet and the Federation have established trade routes through the system and under the command of Captain Neela Izal and Commander Iazil Naadel things are looking bright.

Primarily Vidal Fleet Yards is an engineering simm that prides itself for having its own Starfleet Corps of Engineers and a Research & Development wing. However, there is so much more to Vidal Fleet Yards. Politics and colonial life shape the planet below our station while our science department works ever closer to unraveling the mystery of the Ivaldians who resided in this system before us. The USS Becker is our ticket to helping starships that may be in trouble while the USS Haeva focuses on the task of conducting field tests on new technologies.

So you see… Vidal Fleet Yards may have the mission of constructing new starships, designing new technologies, repairing & refitting other starships, and improving old technologies but we are so much more!

Vidal Fleet Yards is a starbase simm set in the Star Trek Universe and is a member simm of 22nd Fleet. Our current year is 2390. Please take the time to look around and should you like what you see consider the option of joining us.

Current Mission: Season 2, Episode 1 - Far From Home

Two months have passed since the kidnapping of four girls from Vidal Fleet Yards, and the events following the kidnapping were ultimately erased when the girls were rescued. Though, Temporal Affairs explained to the crew what happened in the alternate timeline they have had a hard time accepting it. However, life in the Ivaldi System has returned to some semblance of normal for the crew and their families. Commodore Neela Izal gave birth to Lauren Izal and now the girl is almost two months old. Starfleet Corps of Engineers on the station have begun the process of developing a new starship as well.

Families on the station and on the planet’s surface begin to settle into a routine as do many of the civilians who are living and working in the system. Many of the starships that were once in drydock have since departed to conduct the various missions that are required of them. The USS Haeva and USS Becker remain docked for the time being. It isn’t until some time passes that there is the sudden appearance of a large alien vessel in the Ivaldi System that things become interesting.

While Commodore Izal learns what it’s like to be a mother to a small child her crew work on towing the alien vessel to the station. On board this ship the inhabitants are all in cryostasis with no indication of where they came from. It’s not until Medical manages to wake some of them up that the crew come to find out that this alien race came from the Andromeda Galaxy and their trip was accidental. Now it is up to the crew of Vidal Fleet Yards and these aliens to figure out where they are going to live now that they are in the Milky Way Galaxy…

Crew Manifest:

Commanding Officer – Captain Neela Izal
Executive Officer – Commander Iazil Naadel
Chief Strategic Operations Officer – Lieutenant Commander Gredrol son of Osham
Chief Traffic Control Officer – Lieutenant Reid Hoseki

Director of Science & 2XO – Commander Yvanka Dravex
Deputy Director of Science – Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca
Chief Science Officer [Physical Sciences] – Lieutenant Commander Manuel de Planca
Chief Science Officer [Spatial Sciences] – Lieutenant Leyla Aiman-Tamar

Director of System Security – Commander Jeffery Washington
Deputy Director of System Security – Lieutenant Commander Novra Bostru
Chief of Station Security – Lieutenant Gelo Pajes

Chief Operations Officer – Lieutenant Commander S’Toriin
Asst. Chief Operations Officer – Lieutenant Jessica Kingsley

Director of Medicine – Commander Stephen O’Malley M.D.
Chief Medical Officer – Lieutenant Suzanne Fairchild M.D.
Chief Counselor [Psychiatry] – Lieutenant Kara Stevenson Ph.D.
Chief Counselor [Counseling] – Lieutenant Pobrin Izar Ph.D.

Director of Engineering – Commander Chelsea McDanielson
Deputy Director of Engineering – Lieutenant Commander Tolam Pizal
Chief Engineering Officer [Fabrication Department] – Lieutenant Commander Kelsi Dawson
Chief Engineering Officer [Repair Department] – Lieutenant R’Toren
Chief Engineering Officer [Construction Department] – Lieutenant Brandon Kerr
Chief Engineering Officer [Design Department] – Lieutenant Courtney Mackenzie
Chief Engineering Officer [Refit Department] – Lieutenant Sinjohl Tagorn
Asst. Chief Engineering Officer [Refit Department] – Lieutenant JG Mia Grayson

Family Member – Jami Bostru